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NV News

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The Journalism Home Page

So you seniors are back to haunt me, huh? Um, I mean, welcome back to Mr. Stratton's Classroom Online! This web site is designed for you, so use it to your advantage in Journalism. Above is the navigation column for YOUR section of myenglishclass.us. Homework, whether you are absent or just absent minded, will give you the most up to date work assigned via Google Calendar.

In addition to the calendar, the Homework page is where you will usually download and print handouts, notes and homework as well. This feature makes life more convenient for you and me — fewer copies. It also means that I don't accept many excuses for late work. This site is available to all (in school and out), and I expect young reporters to be both resourceful and responsible. All downloadable material will be in Microsoft Word or Adobe .PDF format, which means you simply click on a link, watch the file open, and then print it or complete the work on the computer before printing the finished assignment.

In recent years, podcasts have become a great way to experience great literature, and while the Literature Aloud page offers just that, in Journalism, you'll spend more time creating podcasts. In fact, a few times during the course, as a class we'll create professionally written, recorded, edited, and mixed news netcasts. Check out the NV News Netcast episode archive.

Lastly, your parents and guardians have their own page. It keeps them updated on English class happenings, and gives them the opportunity to talk to you about Journalism outside of Mr. Stratton's classroom.

You can also browse the Course Outline so that you not only know what work is up and coming, but what is expected of you in and out of Journalism class as well. I continue to compile a list of Journalism Websites that I think will be of use to readers and writers. Finally, you can email me through this site as well.

I'll see you in class,

— Mr. Stratton