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Useful Web Sites

• Your is one of Mr. Stratton's favorite sites for discovering words. Look up part of speech, definition, spelling and more, or just hear how the word you need is pronounced.

• The Merriam-Webster website contains an online dictionary and thesaurus that is easy to use and expansive.

• Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus at Bartleby is a complete online version of the Thesaurus, in an easy-to-use searchable format.

Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style is probably the most complete and easy-to-use guide to common errors in English on the Internet. It is extremely useful.

• Common Errors in English is fantastic...and listed alphabetically. A Great site!

The Guide to Grammar and Writing is a useful site for helping writers make editing-level revisions. Be careful, though, because its size makes it a rather overwhelming site to navigate.

• The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is great. With explanations, exercises and quizzes with answers, it's a great place to stop for editing-level help with your writing.

• The Grammar Lady is always a good resource for the language questions. What a great lady!

• ALA Best Books for Young Adults is a great web site for finding that perfect book, or for compiling a list for the future.

• Book Browse has the latest and Greatest titles, many of which might be offered in the NVHS library. Jot a few titles down on a piece of paper and ask Mr. Niz or Mrs. Ehn.

• The Salt Lake County Library System offers a heaping serving of great titles from a few years past to browse through. If you can't find something here, you probably can't find anything.

• Book Spot
is the perfect place for out of the ordinary teen reading, including teen angst and female coming of age novels. This site is also great for reading about particular authors and more.

• SciFan has all the titles you are looking for — that is, if you are a fan of science fiction reads.

• The Skokie Public Library in Illinois compiled a list of fantasy and science fiction books for teens. This list contains titles that are new and old.

• The Guide to Grammar and Writing has great quizzes for testing yourself on parts of speech, and just about everything grammar or writing related. Use this site to help prepare yourself for your next quiz.

• Quia has dozens of interactive quizzes, from spelling, grammar and word jumbles to hangman, battleship and more.

• English Banana has a ton of language quizzes and games, and a ton non-language game, like mindsweep and more.

Upon visiting, you'll find a variety of English quizzes and games to play while you're on the computer, probably wasting time doing nothing: :) or

Click on Grammar Gorilla for a quick review of the parts of speech — in an interactive quiz!

• This quiz on contractions is just the thing for those of you who forget that missing apostrophes are only acceptable for informal writing — like instant messages.

• Grammar Bytes is a great site for games and quizzes. You just need to sign up to use it.