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The Ninth Grade Home Page
Hey Freshmen!

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Welcome to English 9 with Mr. Stratton. This web site is designed for you, so use it to your advantage. At the upper left is the navigation bar for your English class page. The Homework page, whether you are absent or just absent minded, will give you the most up to date work assigned, including many downloadable materials from class. I try my best to keep weekly assignments updated and loaded with downloads, so homework listed on the site is usually current and accurate. That means, of course, that you can get assignments all on your own. The helpful Remind101 allows you to get text reminders on your device. Missing class for any reason other than illness doesn't give you an excuse to come to class unprepared the next day.

You can also browse the Course Outline and Expectations so that you not only know what lessons and activities are up and coming, but what is expected of you in and out of English class as well. I continue to compile lists of web sites and video that are of use to young readers and writers, so don't forget to check out the Writing Help and Find Great Books pages when due dates for that next writing assignment or book review is on the horizon.

All students are required to read four books independently throughout the year, and then demonstrate that reading in a book review assignment. The Find Great Books and Book Reviews pages are great resources for finding the perfect book and writing about it.

Lastly, the adults in your life have their own page. It keeps them updated on English class happenings, and gives them the opportunity to talk to you about English outside of Mr. Stratton's classroom.

I'll see you in class,

— Mr. S