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Text Reminders

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Find Great Independent Reading Books
targetBooks & Newark Valley High School
• The Newark Valley High School Library's online catalog is a tremendous source for finding books easily. Type in the title of the book you want to read, or an author, and view what's available in our library.

targetArea Libraries
• Tompkins County Public Library has a special section for teens, including a blog written by local teens, homework help, and book recommendations.

• Broome County Public Library includes a Teen Space, which houses teen reviews, homework help, a list of recommendations for teens, and much more. Check it out.

targetOther Great Book Sites and Libraries
• Barnes and Noble Best Sellers for Teens: Want to know what everyone else is reading? Look no further than this list of teen reads put out by B&N.

• The Rhode Island Teen Book Award has great teen-generated lists for best books from 2002-2012. Check out the winners of those years, but for the best lists, check out each year's nominated books. Great stuff!

Young Adult Library Services Association offers a variety of "Best of the Best" lists, including award winners and books for the college bound.

• Teenspoint.org's Cafe Book offers a teen-generated list of the best and most recent books. These are the best of the best, according to teen readers.

• Teenreads.com is home to the "Ultimate Reading List", which is available through the website, or downloadable as a printer friendly PDF. This list is updated each month.